Kern County LULAC 3272 Foundation

We are committed to establishing collaborative partnerships that progress the economic condition, educational achievement, health, and civic engagement of communities in Kern County.


LULAC 3272 believes in the power of education. Education has the ability to transform lives by creating opportunities for those with limited means - exemplifying the American Dream Research shows that families headed by someone with less advantageous inherited demographic characteristics, completion of a four-year degree typically boosts income and wealth far above the levels they would have achieved without a degree (The Demographics of Wealth, 2018).

Economic Progress

Approximately 22% of Kern County residents are living in poverty according to the U.S. Census Bureau (2017). Economic advancement through degrees, certifications and/or training reduces the impact of economic burden on households. We are committed to economic progress by providing scholarship funds, hosting networking opportunities and mentoring youth. 

Civic Engagement

The Aspen Insitute defines civic engagement as meaningful and mutually beneficial contributions to the public good. LULAC 3272 provides non-partisan support and resources to increase civic engagement in our communities. 

Raising a Reader Program

LULAC 3272 is excited to announce that we are partnering with Pacific Head Start to volunteer and start fundraising for Raising a Reader Library. Reading at an early age helps children throughout their academics and is especially needed for students from low socio-economic backgrounds. Our 2018 goals include volunteering, fundraising and providing supplies. 

Scholarship Fundraising

LULAC 3272's 2018 goals include scholarship fundraising for disadvantaged students in Kern County. We will partner with an organization that is committed to our mission. 

Voter Registration Drives

 LULAC 3272  is committed to non-partisan voter registration drives and involvement in issues that impact our community. In support of our mission, 2019 goals include partnering with organizations to hold voter registration drives throughout Kern County.